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Workshop "Logic and its application" Program

Workshop "Logic and its application", devoted to the celebration of the 6th World Logic Day, will be held on Monday, January 15, 2024. Starts at 16:00 Kyiv time, duration of the talk is 10–15 minutes. Talks may be presented in English or Ukrainian.

Program of the workshop

  1. Mykola Nikitchenko. On Predicate Logics with Uncertainties.
  2. Yaroslav Kokhan. Relations are not Graphs.
  3. Lukasz T. Stepien. On Inconsistency of Classical Logic.
  4. Stepan Shkilniak. First-order Logics of Partial Quasiary Predicates with Weak Equality and Strong Equality.
  5. Ihor Dutsiak. The Ambiguity of Logic Semantics as a Source of Paradoxes of Material Implication.
  6. Vitaly Zubenko. On a Procedural Platform for the Theory of Algorithms and Church's Thesis.
  7. Oksana Shkilniak. Мodal Logics of Partial Non-monotonic Predicates with Equality.

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